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Pakistani App

Pakistani App

The Ministry of Information Technology has finally launched the Beep Pakistani App for government employees spanning 41 federal ministries and departments. It will eventually be released to the public as well.

Pakistani App

is the first ride-sharing app of Pakistan and apparently people can’t stop talking about it these days. It’s basically a carpooling platform which brings vehicle owners and ride-seekers together. It seeks to solve the problem of people. Who have conveyance issues by linking them with those who have spare room.  Their automobiles. At the same time this app might help (even if it is just on a tiny scale) in traffic and pollution reduction. In the future by encouraging people to carpool their way to work in Pakistani app, school or even another city.

Detail of apps

So, whether you have a vehicle and wouldn’t mind some company. While going somewhere, or you need a ride to reach some place, you can benefit from this app.We might have exchanged our old name. The App Juice for Tech Juice but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten all about the apps.  Here is a carefully pick selection of latest smartphone apps. From Pakistan for our reader is a colourful new iOS game from a Pakistani app development company call .

If you loved Dots and are looking for a new simple. Yet captive game to kill time, we highly recommend Spin It. The game objective isn’t complex at all, all you just have to match as many colours as possible in a 60 seconds by rotating the colour wheels. It meet sound like a piece of cake but that do not mean that you’ll get bored of the game after a couple of round. The app looks quite promising and fun. Get it now and tell us what you think!

To sum it all up we say that War Inc has a very detailed combat system and an immersive battle game play that has got us impress.Use weapons like heavy artillery, drone strikes, nuclear missiles and demolition bots to bring your opponent’s defences down and conquer them.